Employer Identification Number Provisioning

Every business needs an Employer Identification Number or EIN for tax reporting or credit purposes. If you expand your business you will need credit. You will not be able to obtain credit without an EIN. You do not have to pay for an EIN, you can visit the IRS website or click here Get Your EIN Now! For Profits and Non-Profits are required to have an EIN.

Business Owner or Employee

When thinking about taking on the task of being a business owner, there are some questions you need to ask yourself……..

Do I have what it takes to run a business?

Will my family have the resources during the transition?

Do I have savings?

Do I have systems in place for slow-paying or non-paying clients?

Even though having a degree is not needed to start a company. I would encourage you to take a few classes at your local community college. The community college has many resources that you can utilize to assist you with starting your business. Attending a Community College is very cost effective as well. I usually advise students who are enrolled in our Non-Profit organization JRTC to attend a community college and then transfer to a university. It is much more cost effective. You will save thousands of dollars in student loans, interest, and fees.

Non Profit Business Development

Many have dreams of becoming a Non Profit Director. This field has many opportunities to help their communities and individuals. Starting your organization starts with having a plan. JPS can help you. Contact us today and we can assist you to assist others. Contact us for details about how we can assist you with your non-profit organization. We can be reached at 888-241-7714.

How to begin:
What Need is your organization going to meet?

Draft your organizing documents
Business Plan
Mission Statement
Develop your board

**Make sure that you comply with all IRS regulations**



Arise to the Occassion

As stated in my previous post there are a lot of great opportunities to start your own business. Have you ever dreamed of owning your own call center? You can use the Arise platform.

Arise offers an unique opportunity to start your own virtual call center business. Hire independent contractors to work for you. Visit the Arise website to find out more information or contact us at hr@jpstelecom.com.

Arise Info for signing up:
Company Name : Jps Telecommunications, Inc.
FEI Number / Taxpayer I.D.813774549

New Opportunities

There are many new opportunities that are available. With the new innovations that have taken us into this technology realm that has vast options and opportunities. It could be that you would like to start your company but also have a family that you need to provide for. Uber is a great way to supplement your income if you are unemployed or prefer not to work for someone else. Uber is quick and easy. Get paid instantly with instant pay and great gas incentives.

Click here and claim your bonus for signing up: Sign up for Uber Today!