Employer Identification Number Provisioning

Every business needs an Employer Identification Number or EIN for tax reporting or credit purposes. If you expand your business you will need credit. You will not be able to obtain credit without an EIN. You do not have to pay for an EIN, you can visit the IRS website or click here Get Your EIN Now! For Profits and Non-Profits are required to have an EIN.

Non Profit Business Development

Many have dreams of becoming a Non Profit Director. This field has many opportunities to help their communities and individuals. Starting your organization starts with having a plan. JPS can help you. Contact us today and we can assist you to assist others. Contact us for details about how we can assist you with your non-profit organization. We can be reached at 888-241-7714.

How to begin:
What Need is your organization going to meet?

Draft your organizing documents
Business Plan
Mission Statement
Develop your board

**Make sure that you comply with all IRS regulations**



Arise to the Occassion

As stated in my previous post there are a lot of great opportunities to start your own business. Have you ever dreamed of owning your own call center? You can use the Arise platform.

Arise offers an unique opportunity to start your own virtual call center business. Hire independent contractors to work for you. Visit the Arise website to find out more information or contact us at hr@jpstelecom.com.

Arise Info for signing up:
Company Name : Jps Telecommunications, Inc.
FEI Number / Taxpayer I.D.813774549

Reducing the Churn Rate

Over the years I felt that organizations are missing the mark when it comes to proper placement in the workplace. Many Organizations have high value talent that are under utilized and overlooked. I believe that it is the job of the HR department to analyze the talent pool and truly match these identified individuals with position that fit. This increases productivity and decreases the turnover rate.

Many employers do not realize how the churn rate can lead to a huge loss to the organization. As an employer you must realize that your greatest asset is your employees. Poorly treated employees, may treat your customers poorly. Providing fair wages and rewards can change your employees outlook on the company and create an effective environment for loyal and long term employees.